Is this bottoming out or double bubble? (Photo)

Hi, 2 years post-op and I'm really suffering mentally. Used to have tuberous breasts, so my PS lowered the crease, reduced the areola size (what a useless, stupid thing I agreed to) and put in 325g Natrelle 410's MX. I have had these indentations since the 3rd month. My doc rejects bottoming out, says it was controlled BO, and suggests regular fat graftings to fill what he calls double bubbles. I don't know if this is BO or DB? Can it ever be fixed?

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Is this bottoming out or double bubble?

In your pictures, this looks like a double bubble which is common in tuberous breasts that have the crease lowered. It occurs because the crease does not stretch enough and creates a fold on the implant above the newly formed breast crease. Fat grafting is an option to correct. Another option would be to surgically raise the breast crease back up to the level of the double bubble and place a smaller implant.

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Double bubble two years after breast augmentation

Thanks for your photograph and questions.  Based on your photographs alone, it appears that you have a double bubble.  This occurs typically in patients where the infra-mammary fold is lowered.  If you are unhappy with the appearance of your breasts than you will need to undergo a revision to correct.  Seek a consultation with a fully qualified and experienced plastic surgeon to discuss your options.

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Is this bottoming out or double bubble of breast implants?

Based on your photos it appears that you have a double bubble. This can occur as a result of attempting to enlarge the pocket when attempting to expand the constricted tuberous breast. You will need a surgical procedure to correct.

Double bubble

Thank you for your question and photos.  It appears that you have double bubble deformity of at least one of your breasts which warrants a revision.  If you are suffering mentally, as you say you are, please make sure that you are openly discussing this with your operating surgeon.

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