What Size Am I Going to Be After Surgery if my Doctor Puts Me 275 Cc?

My chest size is 80 cm (under my breast) i think i am 36 size ?.. i have tuberous breasts and i have a cup and dont have any breast just my nipples thats it . My doctor says that he will cut my nipple and put 275cc maybe 300cc over muscle. In this kind of breast this is the best way he told me but i really want c cup not full c but not full b also and im considering about what size do i have after surgery if he puts 275cc ??( Im 1.65cm tall and 57 kg.)

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Final breast size is a function of chest wall anatomy, native breast volume, and size of the prosthesis.

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The operative plan sounds good to me. Whether or not 300 mL will lead to the size you like cannot be ascertained from the description.

Cup size and implants

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Cup size does not always correlate with the implant volume. It is always best to be seen in person to determine what is best for you.  You can also perform a baggy test.

Not sure about size...

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Hello and thanks for your post. There's no way to advice on your results with regards to size after surgery. It might help to post some photos next time. Best wishes, Dr. Aldo.

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