Would a Turbinectomy Help Me with Breathing Problems and Severe Headaches? Does my Septum Appear to Be Deviated? (photo)

I am 16 years old girl and I have chronic severe headaches, problems breathing through my nose(mostly from my left side) and a reduced sense of smell. I had chronic headaches for years. I went to see an ENT, and I have been diagnosed with hypertrophied lower turbinates and a mild bilateral sinusitis. I read that the turbinate hypertrophy could cause strong headaches, so would a turbinectomy procedure suit a person of my age? I also broke my nose 5 years ago, does my septum appear to be deviated?

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Turbinate hypertrophy, headaches and deviated septum

 It's important to have a CAT scan of the sinuses, not an MRI of the brain to better determine what's going on in the sinuses. There are several issues that can create nasal obstruction and they include turbinate hypertrophy, allergies, a deviated septum, and valve collapse inside the nose. Each are treated differently. Chronic sinusitis involves endoscopic sinus surgery to remove polyps  that are present  which can also cause headaches. Please see the link below more information about chronic sinusitis disease and treatment

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