Can turbinectomy cause permanent swelling/thickening and a change to the external appearance of the nose? (photo)

I had Septoplasty/Turbinectomy 10 months ago. Both inferior turbinates were reduced. One side is decidedly harder than the other when I lightly squeeze it between my thumb and index finger. I don't know if the operation is definitely the cause but externally this side appears to be more swollen/thicker than it was previously (along the little line created by the turbinates) and people have agreed that it does seem to be. Is this common and is there any way of correcting it?

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Turbinate surgery should not cause external swelling or contour changes

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I would first verify with your surgeon that only turbinate and septal work was done.  In some cases, other grafts are used to open airflow which may changed the nose externally.  If there was only internal work done, it is unlikely that any external change has occurred.  Occasionally, I have observed that patients become aware of certain features of their nose that they never paid attention to after nasal surgery (human nature to be more attentive after something was done).  Is it possible that the feature you are seeing was always there?

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