Turbinate reduction, still difficulty breathing. What can be done?

I've been having difficulty breathing out of my right nostril for quite some time, and my ENT recommended and performed a turbinate reduction procedure. 10 days post op, I'm still having difficulty breathing. For one or two days it was fine and I thought I was in the clear, but now it is back to being plugged up on a consistent basis. Is there another procedure that can be done? Are turbinate reduction surgeries typically beneficial? Thank you!

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10 days is too early to evaluate effectiveness of turbinate surgery.

You could still have swelling, bloody crusts, and dried mucous causing blockage. This is likely given that you had initial improvement, and now have recurrent blockage.

I have found turbinate surgery quite effective, even when prior operations by qualified practitioners failed. Give yourself and your surgeon some time. Use saline mist, sniffle but do not blow your nose, and sleep with your head higher than your heart. If you live in frozen climates, use a vaporizer or humidifier at night, and saline mist during the day. Avoid Dristan or other nasal vasoconstrictors/decongestants for now.

Speak with your surgeon about your concerns. I suspect all is well and this will improve as you heal further. Best wishes! Dr. Tholen

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Turbinate reduction, still difficulty breathing. What can be done?

  This is still early, and swelling may be playing a role.  There is no real way to answer this without examining your nose.

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