Is Turbinate Reduction Neccessary with a Septoplasty?

I am getting a Septoplasty in July and my surgeon recommended I proceed with a turbinate reduction. Is this needed and is it possible that the Septoplasty will cause the Septum to touch the side/turbinate of the nostril that is open now due to turbinate hypertrophy? Id rather have the TR on one side

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Turbinate surgery

Any surgery is not without potential risks.

Only your ENT can tell you what surgery is needed to address your problems. if you are not convinced seek multiple opinions

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Separate issues

Turbinate reduction is only needed if its needed!  meaning it does not have to be combined with septoplasty.  Two different things.  If your septum is crooked then you get a septoplasty.  if one or both of your inferiod turbinates are too large then you get them reduced.  being more conservative with turbinates is always better. 

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If you have deviated septum, many times one or both turbinates are also enlarged.  One way to see if your symptoms improve is to have your surgeon spray Afrin or similar product inside each nostril, and see if your symptoms improve.

In general, most patients require turbinate reduction with septoplasty.

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