Had Turbinate Reduction 4 Months Ago, Since then Left Side of Face Feels Off, Sort of Numb and Droopy. What Could This Be?

My ENT says it's collapsed nasal valve due to incision but doesn't warrant correction even though I can't breathe through my left nostril unless I pull my cheek to the side. 2nd ENT says it's ENS but only symptom is difficulty breathing through left nostril. My nose throbs often, deep inside. My eyebrow over left eye aches. A few days a month my nose will almost seem normal but I feel like I'm breathing through my ear and air flows between my teeth and upper lip. Whats wrong with my face?

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Side Effect of Turbinectomy

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There are nerves and blood vessels that pass very close to the site of surgery for turbinectomy and can be injured during the procedure. It can take a long time (6-12 months) for this to improve.  Occasionally, a steroid injection can help with the throbbing.  As for the valve collapse, if your ENT won't help you, seek out a facial plastic surgeon in town.  They are experts in the correction of nasal valve repair.  There is no reason why you should accept poor breathing.

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