Tooth broken to gum but has part left. Is this possible to have fixed or have a replacement one put in? (Photo)

Had previous work done had to have it filled i cant rekember if i had a root canal or not. Not to long after the filling which was behind my tooth on back side well the filling came out and since then havent had no pain or anything until today it just broke off completly. Only leaving a tiny bit of tooth in the back my whole tooth is gone the third one front front so its visable idk what to do but need something fixedcant go without my tooth help.

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It most likely unrestorable

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Sorry to hear about your situation.  Your situation is quite common.  People tend to delay treatment until it is too late.  In your case, it might be too late.  You can probably try to save it by doing a root canal, post and core, and crown.  However, the prognosis might be poor at best due to the amount of tooth loss.  I would suggest that you go see a dentist ASAP.  He/she might not be able to save that tooth but might be able to save your other teeth.  Your central and lateral teeth (front teeth) does not look too healthy either.  

Federal Way Dentist

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