At 16 days post-upper blepharoplasty, is it too early to judge that too much skin has been removed? (Photo)

I had oriental type eyes which suited my face and I loved. At 41 now they had drooped a little so I wanted to look like I was and explained this to my PS repeatedly. I sent him photos from my younger years to help. Most swelling has gone and I feel he has removed too much. Also distance to eyebrows appears noticeably less and scar to right is not in lid crease - PS says this was unavoidable. I don't think these eyes suite my face and I looked much nicer before.

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I think it's is a bit early to make a final judgement as would any surgeon who does this operation regularily. In fact, any surgical procedure at three weeks is just starting to settle out.  It does not look like to much skin was taken by the distance from the brow but I would need a dynamic examination and photos won't help. Give your plastic surgeon a little credit. Three weeks ago you chose him/her and paid a lot of money for a procedure and now your on the internet asking random doctors what they think? Go see you doctor and discuss your concerns.

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Upper Blepharoplasty in Asian eyes-problem at 16 days?

The photos show only with the eyes open and thus are insufficient.  It would appear that the scar is visible on the right but this will improve and can be revised in a few months.  With your dark skin tone you may have excess pigment forming and perhaps will need something done about this  If you are doing well functionally, you need to do massage, stretching and elevation.  Follow the instructions of your plastic surgeon and if you need get a second opinion in a few months.

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I agree with you and not your plastic surgeon.

Over all, I think you will have a very nice result.  On the right side the lateral finish to the incision does not fall into the natural crease.  This is a design problem with the skin excision.  It might heal ok.  If it does not a minor revision generally will take care of the issue.  On the left you have a similar problem in the inner corner of the left upper eyelid.  I would advise letting these heal for 4 to 6 months.  If the issues are still visible, that would be the time to consider revisional surgery to address these issues.  That work may or may not be needed based on how you heal.

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