Incision Care - replacement of strips, types of product(s) best for cleaning incisions?

Do I need to replace steri strips, if so how often? I read not to use neosporin, is there a different ointment preferred? What should the incisions be cleaned with and how often? Should they always be covered or do they need air to help the healing process? I read that you need to keep tension off incision for best healing, minimal scarring. I scar extremely easily so I'm concerned and want to do anything I can to help the process (if possible)

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Incision Care

Thank you for your question. We typically use a product which is named Pineo, a strip that is glued to the scar and stays on for 5 weeks. It is care free and provides the best possible scar. 
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St healingPost Operative Incision Care

Most incisions need minimal care post operatively. However, there are variations depending on where the incision is and the particular circumstances of the closure. The exact care you need should have been communicated to you. If you do not have specific instructions, call your surgeon's office for them. As far as some of the general things you have brought up, I will try to clear them up. Neosporin is not generally used by most physicians because about 15% of the population is allergic to it. Most wounds, however, do not need it or any ointment. Air does not help the healing process but keeping the wound wet under an occlusive dressing can be detrimental. One does need to keep tension off the wound to achieve the best healing. This can be done in several ways, however. Buried slow absorbing or permanent sutures can do this and Steri-Strips help. However, what you  need for your incision is totally dependent your tissues, your procedure and what your surgeon did. Therefore, again, contact your surgeon.

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Incision Care - replacement of strips, types of product(s) best for cleaning incisions?

As a surgeon, I find it extremely frustrating when patients do not follow instructions that I have given them for their postoperative care, which have been designed to help them heal safely and with the best result and the lowest possible risk of complications. If you have had surgery and the surgeon or their office has not given you clear information as to your postoperative care, then you need to contact them right away.

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Incision Care

I appreciate your concern, but there will be so many different regimens from different surgeons. The only regimen that counts is that of your surgeon since that doctor is responsible for your postop care. Contact the office for your answers. 

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