Tummy Tucks Affect on Your Thighs?

I am having a Mommy Makeover in two weeks. For me this means, full tummy tuck, hip lipo, breast augmentation and a lift. Of course as it gets closer the negative information seems to come up in my research. I am 5'4" and 113 pounds. 45 years of age and right now my thighs do not touch at all. Can a tummy tuck cause an adverse affect on my thigh size if there is no weight gain? Thanks for your feedback

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Tummy Tucks have positive effect on Thighs and Pubis

Tummy tucks will transmit a "pull" to the anterior thigh skin and visually improve the skin in that area. It should not affect the size or appearance of the medial part of the thighs. Another benefit is the re-positioning of the pubis in an upward and more youthful position. This second benefit can be overdone if the amount of skin taken is excessive.

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Tummy tuck and affect on thighs

The tummy tuck should have no adverse affects on the thighs long term. They  may appear a bit swollen after surgery but that usually subsides.

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Tummy Tuck

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No, in general a tummy tuck doesn't make a difference to your thighs.  If anything, sometimes a tummy tuck will tighten the skin of the upper thigh but usually there is no real change unless you have had significant weight loss with a lot of loose skin.


If you have liposuction to the thigh as well as your hip you may notice some loosening of the skin but other than this I would not be worried that your planned surgery will adverse effect your thighs.


Good luck with your operation.


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Tummy Tuck Affecting Thigh Size

     A tummy tuck should not affect thigh size.  If the weight is held stable over time, the thighs should remain the same size.  Kenneth Hughes, MD Los Angeles, CA

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Cosmetic Surgery is an Art and a Science

Congrats on going forward with a life changing procedure. I usually advise my patients to have as much done as time allows. Discuss this with your surgeon. Thomas Narsete, M.D.

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