Tummy tuck 1 month ago, still have drains?

I am a 64 yr old Male nnever smoked, doesn't drink.....One month after surgery I still require a drain in my surical area. Is this normal? What can I do to help speed the process are there suppliments I should or should not be taking

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I'd check back with your surgeon. At some point the risk of keeping the drain in outweighs the potential benefit. If you develop a seroma this can be removed by a simple aspiration. Sometimes the drain itself can promote more fluid formation.

Drains and Abdominoplasty

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Drains after abdominoplasty do not usually remain in for a month.  If the drains are not resolving the fluid then other forms of resolving the fluid should be sought.

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1 month for drains is a long time

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It is rare to need drains for such a long time.  In very very rare case I have kept drains for longer than 2 weeks but after a while the risk of infection along the drain site outweighs the benefit of keeping them in.  If you do need drains for some reason, removing them may lead to a fluid collection (seroma) that will require a needle to drain them at a later date.  

Martin Jugenburg, MD
Toronto Plastic Surgeon
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A month of draining is getting on the long side for male tummy tuck.

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If you still have drains at a month, I assume you are draining a significant amount of fluid. It is unusual to require drains for a month, and I would worry about possible infection  from the drain site. Nutritional supplements are necessary in your case, because for a month you are losing a substantial amount of calories in the drain fluid. A workup from a nutritionist may be helpful. Removal of the drain may also stimulate a decrease. Remaining fluid can be removed with a needle in the numb paert of the skin. If the drain is removed, a culture of the drainage and drain tip would be valuable.

John Cassel, MD (in memoriam)
Miami Plastic Surgeon

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