3 Days Post TT, and BA. When Can I Expect Breasts to Drop? How to Avoid Blood Clots on 9 Hr Drive Home?

3 days post op out of tummy tuck. 800 cc augment. Massive weightloss. Tummy tuck-other than feeling digestion rarely hurts-gurgling from stomach and going to bathroom on day 3.The implants are killing me. One is ridding higher than the other-doc says everything is fine and the muscle is just stretching to accomodate the large implant. 3 days post op-2 drains. I've been walking and moving my legs when I sit to avoid blood clots. What else can I do to avoid clots-esp. on the ridehome/drop implant?

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Blood clots after tummy tuck

Keeping well hydrated and staying mobile is a a way to help minimize the risk of a DVT.  However, this does not completely eliminate the risk. 

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Recovery from BA/TT

800 cc implants are extremely large so I am not surprised that you are in pain. Complication risks are higher with implants that large so keep in contact with your plastic surgeon. It is important to walk to avoid DVTs. You haven't said how many hours the ride home will take, so that would be useful information in order to assess how long you should remain near your surgeon. Best of luck.

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