Tummy Tuck 7 Weeks Post and Not Flat?

Since the day I had my tummy tuck i didn't go any smaller size than I was before ,it's been 7 weeks that i had my surgery but my tummy still not flat . My tummy look like a pregnant woman belly. and its still very soft , when i sit down or band over my belly still sagging .Isn't my tummy suppose to be hard ? Please replay me back .Thank you Sincerely~ Rain !

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Tummy Tuck 7 Weeks Post and Not Flat?

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It is really not possible to offer specific comments without being able to look at photos from before surgery and now. 

A TT does not restore lost elasticity. When you sit or bend, and your chest moves closer to your pelvis, the skin will have to look looser. If it were tight while sitting, you would not be able to stand erect. 

Please consider posting photos, and more specific comments and perhaps advice can be forthcoming. 

Seattle Plastic Surgeon

Seven weeks after abdominoplasty too early to grade results.

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Almost all abdominoplasty patients end up with a very flat abdomen. This may take several months so seven weeks is too early to make a final pronouncement.

Tummy tuck and not flat

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Hi MamaRain.  It is hard to make any comments without seeing pictures.  After a tummy tuck your swelling will subside for 6-9 months, so I expect that you will see a significant improvement over the next few months.

Lewis Ladocsi, MD, FACS
Richmond Plastic Surgeon

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