Tummy Tuck With Lipo 8 Months Ago and Area Below Belly Button Protruding? (photo)

I had a mini tummy tuck with lipo 8 months ago and my stomach below my belly button now protrudes out. It never stuck out before so why is it now and do you think 8 months post op it will flatten anymore. I had lipo above my belly button, was too much taken out to make it look concave?

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Protruding belly after mini-tuck

As others have noted, you should be seen in followup to rule out formation of a seroma.  Also, many have written on this forum about the limitations of mini-tuck.  It isn't possible for me to comment whether you were a candidate for this procedure, as opposed to a full abdominoplasty, and whether, now that the swelling has gone down, the limitations of your procedure are manifesting themselves.  Regardless, you should see your plastic surgeon for followup and evaluation. 

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Bulging after mini tummy tuck

8 months is usually sufficient time for full recovery. The lower abdominal bulge can come from several sources. If you feel like carrying a water bag and you can see fluid shifting during position change then it's most likely a seroma which can be aspirated. It could be excessive fatty tissue but I believe you had liposuction at time of mini tummy tuck. It could be weakened muscle especially the photo was taken with your abdomen in a relaxed posture. If on physical examination the etiology is not clear then I think a CT or ultrasound study may be helpful. Consider getting a 2nd opinion if you are uncomfortable with your original plastic surgeon's plan.

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Contour irregularities after a tummy tuck

Bulging after a tummy tuck can be from several different things:

1.  Seroma or fluid collection

2.  Protrusion of the abdominal fascia (looseness)

3.  Hematoma (blood collection)

4.  Excess fat

In order to fully asses your concern, I'd need to see you in consultation.  Otherwise, I would recommend seeing your plastic surgeon again.  You may need a CT scan to fully evaluate the area.  Also, you might need a minor revision to correct the bulging.  Good luck! 

TT issues

Thank you for your question and for the photos you attached. They are not ideal in that the pre and postop photos are not in the same position, but I do see the bulge that does not seem to be present before. This may represent a fluid collection, but only with an in person exam will the cause be sorted out, so an office visit with your surgeon should be the next step. 

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Tummy protrusion after mini tummy tuck

Your photo is clear, there is a protrusion not there before your procedure. Unfortunately, this might require an examination to sort out as by eight months things should be better.

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Possibility of a pseudo bursa


Thank you for the question and photos.  It is a possibility that too much fat was removed above in the area that appears as an indentation.  It is more likely, however, that you may have a fullness below your belly button possibly related to a pseudo bursa or other cause.  An examination will be needed to be certain of the diagnosis as well as the appropriate treatment.

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