One Week Post-Op, Fluid From Belly Button Down

I just had a tummy tuck a week ago and just noticed fluid from the belly button down. Would this go away or what can I do to get rid of the fluid?

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Fluid From Belly Button Down One Week After Tummy Tuck

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Thank you for your question.  Without a physical exam it is difficult to accurately diagnose your situation.  Some more information would be helpful  like do you still have drains in (and are they still draining), or did you even have drains in after surgery, if you did how much was coming out of them when they were removed.  It sounds like you may have a seroma.  You should contact your plastic surgeon  so he can examine you.  If you do have a seroma, he can aspirate it in the office.  This may take several visits because they can sometimes recur.  If they continue to recur, it may require placing a drain in temporarily until it resolves.  Rarely, it requires surgery to remove the seroma cavity that can form if it becomes a chronic seroma. 

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