1 Month Post-Op Tummy Tuck, Doctor Told me I Couldn't do Crunches or Hard Ab Workouts Again, Is this Correct?

I'm almost 4 weeks post -op from full tummy tuck and muscle repair and everything seems to be going smoother than I expected...until I asked my doctor when I could resume working out and work on toning my stomach muscles and he replied that I could never do crunches or hard ab workouts because I would damage the muscles that he repaired....I'm horrified that I may not be stitched correctly! How can I find out if my muscle repair was done correctly? I have never heard of this before!

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Exercise and Tummy Tuck

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I request that my patients refrain from exercise for 6 weeks after tummy tucks.  If there has been a muscle repair, I extend the time off to 3 months post procedure.  The suture repair of the muscle separation needs time for adequate scarring to knit the muscle borders together.  I know of no problems developing with resumption of normal exercise activities after waiting the correct time.  

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