Which Tummy Tuck Do I Need? (photo)

ok, as you can see I have a particularly beastly stomach. I had 2 c sections, one of which was an emergency. Believe it or not I do work out regularly but genuinely can't shift any weight. The over hang is really bad and so is the scarring. My corset muscle did split really badly, but I managed to bring it almost completely back together. So I'm wondering if I need a full or partial tummy tuck.

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Which tummy tuck

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You will need a full abdominoplasty with plication of the rectus muscles to obtain the result you desire.  Donald R. Nunn MD  Atlanta Plastic Surgeon.

Full Vs Mini Tummy Tuck

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From your photos I think that a full tummy tuck will give you a superior result compared with a mini tummy tuck.  You should be aware that a mini TT means different things to different plastic surgeons.  The full TT would allow for a greater amount of skin to be removed and also for better tightening of your rectus muscles.

John Whitt, MD (retired)
Louisville Plastic Surgeon

Which Tummy Tuck do I need?

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You would benefit from a full abdominoplasty.  The stretch marks below the belly button will be removed but the ones above the belly button will remain, although they will be pulled down.  The main thing is that it will recontour your abdomen and tighten the skin.  Jonathan Staiano

No two are alike.

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I do a good deal of  abdominoplasty in my practice. One thing I have found is that each case presents different challenges. To get the best result one often has to modify techniques to fit the patient. The procedure has gotten more complex as I tried  to improve my results based on past experiences. 

Don't be misled by terms that are mostly used as marketing tools.  Find a surgeon who has the skill and experience to fix your problem. Have a clear understanding of the surgical plan and objective but worry less about the labels!




Thomas R. Walek, MD
Providence Plastic Surgeon

Tummy Tuck needed

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You will get the best result from a full Tummy Tuck. It will pull the midline abdominal muscles tightly together and remove all the stretch marks you have from the belly button down. Those currently above the belly button will end up mostly down below it. I always include some  liposuction with my Tummy Tuck to contour the waistline all the way around, so you fit in your jeans comfortably. The incision can be kept low and follow the bikini line of the underwear in your picture. Best of Luck. Be sure to see lots of pictures from the Board Certified Plastic Surgeons you visit in consultation, Tummy Tucks are not all done the same.

Which Tummy Tuck?

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Without a doubt you need a full standard abdominoplasty (tummy tuck).  Your abdominal muscle are still separated even though you have exercised and made them stronger.  The muscle need to be re-attched in the midline and the loose excess skin need to be removed.  Some of your stretch marks will disappear with a tummy tuck and the ones that remain wil be in a lower/less visible position on your abdomen.  I really believe this is your best and only option.

Rondi Kathleen Walker, MD
Washington Facial Plastic Surgeon

It looks like you should choose a full tummy tuck, and here are some tips...

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You are a good candidate for a tummy tuck with some skin looseness and stretch marks, some muscle laxity and some fatty fullness. With all three a full tummy tuck is the right recipe. Here are some tips when considering a tummy tuck:

1. Keep your scar low so that it is hidden in the smallest bathing suit
2. Have your surgeon use Experil, a long acting pain reliever injected at the time of surgery for reduced pain and shorter recovery
3. Have your surgeon use Xeralto or Lovenox to reduce your risk of blood clots
4. Have your surgeon tighten your rectus diastasis and flatten you tummy muscles
5. Have your surgeon use progressive tension sutures to stitch your tummy skin down and not use a drain
6. Use incrimental compression garments during and after surgery to reduce risk of leg blood clots
7. Have your surgeon use dissolvable sutures so you have no stitch marks
8. Have your surgeon make your belly button a pinch on the small side since they stretch bigger
9. Have your surgeon gently shape your abdominal flap to create a more athletic appearance and muscular contour
10. Have your surgeon use Prineo tape bandages that stick on for six weeks to improve your tummy tuck scar.
11. Begin post operative massage one to two weeks after surgery to speed recovery
12. Begin with a board certified plastic surgeon and visit several offices
13. Seek a surgeon who does at least 100 tummy tucks per year
14. Internet discussions do not replace the advice of your physician
Best of luck to you!

Loose skin and tummy tuck

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You will need a full tummy tuck with muscle tightening to achieve the results that you desire. Best of luck. I wish you well.

Most people who want a tummy tuck need the full tummy tuck

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With the excess skin and loose skin and all the stretch marks, you probable would not be satisfied with a mini abdominoplasty. 

A full tummy  tuck would include tightening of the rectus muscle in the midline and removal of all of the skin from the pubic area to the umbilicus and sometimes more. The loose skin is  removed and what remains is stretched down to close the opening. In this case there are only two real options the full tummy tuck or no surgery.

Full vs mini tummy-tuck

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From your pictures and the description you have provided, a full abdominoplasty would be your best choice.  A full tummy -tuck will reomve the over-hanging skin plus a large amount of the stretch marks.  It will also tighten the abdominal wall giving an even flatter tummy.  Unfortunately it is impossible to remove all of your stretch marks, since many of them are above the belly-button. 

A mini tummy-tuck would not remove much of the damamged skin and is usually reserved for those who only need muscle tightening without skin removal.

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