Loose Skin 2 Weeks Post-op. Do I Need a Revision?

I had a tummy tuck two weeks ago but something went wrong. This is the picture of my belly. It looks really loosen and not thighten enough or thighten wrongly (there's lots of loose skin under the scar and when I lean over, my belly is all loosened). Also, my vagina is swollen all the time. My question is: do I need a second tummy tuck in a half year time or a tummy tuck revision?

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Swelling can take time to resolve.

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It’s not unusual for patients to note severe swelling in the immediate post-operative period.With time, swelling resolves and patients are often happy with their surgical results.
Your pictures suggest extreme swelling and for this reason it’s virtually impossible to make aesthetic judgements at this time.For this reason it’s important to be patient and continue the use of compressive support garments.
When patients have this type of swelling it’s probably reasonable to obtain an ultrasound study to rule out the presence of a seroma.This complication can occasionally occur when drains aren’t used or in some cases removed prematurely.When seromas are encountered they should be drained to avoid secondary complications which may lead to wound breakdown and possibly infection.
It’s important to maintain good communication with your plastic surgeon.Your plastic surgeon should be able to evaluate your abdomen and formulate a treatment plan that’s appropriate for your condition.

Revision Tummy Tuck

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Thank you for the question.  Ideally, you would allow yourself more time to heal because at 2 weeks post op , you still have swelling, etc..  For the best results with tummy tuck surgery, the patient should be at their lowest, most stable weight.  I would recommend that you allow your body to heal and keep in close communication with your surgeon to discuss a revision if after 4-6 months you and your surgeon decide that this is a good idea for you. I hope this helps.



Better Result will follow

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Your photo shows that you are still very swollen, you may also have a seroma(fluid in the operated space). See you surgeon and seek advice on things that you can do today, such as draining the seroma, doing lymphatic massage etc. Many of my colleagues have advocated weight loss for you but that is a personal decision. If you lost some weight and waited 6 more months I feel your result will look much improved.

Charles Virden, MD
Reno Plastic Surgeon
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To early

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It is to early to tell what the results are going to be!

If it is something grossly obiouse your surgeon may want to go back within six weeks to correct.

But if it is minor corrections then a period of 6 months to one year is the time you should wait before going back under the knife.

If you developed a seroma which is a fluid collection under your skin then it should be drained as soon as possible.

Good Luck!

Revision Abdominoplasty

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The best candidates are those who have finished weight loss.  While you can still have good results, a flat stomach is impossible to achieve given your preoperative body habitus.  I would advise waiting for resolution of swelling, then you can have more lipo or a revision.

Jason Hess, MD
San Diego Plastic Surgeon

Repeat tummy tuck

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Quite honestly, you should have been advised in my opinion that you weren't ready for the tummy tuck as you are too heavy for a great result.  You should go off and lose weight now and come back for another tummy tuck (maybe a different doctor) when you are thinner in 6-12 months.  The swelling issues you have are normal but you shouldn't be "loose" at this point.

Tummy tuck revision

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It is impossible to say for sure based on a single photo, whether you will need a revision.

I agree with several posters here that you probably can benefit from some controlled, medically supervised weight loss before considering a revision. I find it is hard to get a "home run" result on many overweight patients, because the abdominal roundness is a function of more than just loose skin. Remember that abdominplasty is NOT a weight loss procedure; it (and liposuction) is done for BODY CONTOURING.

Get a second opinion if you would like to hear more options in person.

Tim Sayed, MD, MBA, FACS
Newport Beach Plastic Surgeon
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Loose Skin 2 Weeks Post-op. Do I Need a Revision?

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Yes from the posted photo as the basis for my answer. Otherwise need more medical information and better photos. 

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