Can I Get a Tummy Tuck Now?

I want a tummy tuck.I had 2 c-sections and 2 hernia repairs.My stomach has a lopsided look.My weight before kids was 160ish.I am 179 right now.I carry my weight in my stomach, I keep losing weight in my hips which make my stomach look bigger.Is it ok to get surgery now even though I am not my ideal weight? I would like it asap but want to do the right thing with the best results.

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Can I have a Tummy Tuck even though I am not at my pre-pregnancy weight?

Hi there-

In general, it is in your best interests to get to your best weight and a stable body before proceeding with surgery, but many women are never able to get all the way back to their pre-pregnancy weight (especially after multiple children). Often these decisions and your best advice can only be given after a discussion of your goals and an examination by a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon.

I would visit with a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon you like, discuss your goals, and have an exam. They will be able to tell you whether your goals are possible now or if you would be best served by a bit more weight loss.

Please also read the following on how best to choose a surgeon:

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Ideal weight before tummy tuck

Patients should try their best to achieve their ideal weight before surgery. That means eating as well, and exercising as well as possible.

After that, it is time to schedule their surgery.

Many patients with abdominal walls destroyed by pregnancy find they are unable to get below a certain plateau, even though it is not their ideal weight. Often after theyr surgery, they are more equipped to work out vigorously.

Patients will get their very best results if they are at their ideal weights, but it is not realistic in every case to accomplish this.

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Not always necessary to be at ideal weight before tummy tuck

It is great to think that we can all accomplish ideal weight before having a surgical procedure. But if your abdominal wall is stretched out and your muscles are in the wrong position because of all that stretching, it may be very difficult to exercise efficiently or even safely. If you carry a lot of weight in the belly wall, combining liposuction with the tummy tuck procedure can help bring an area oversized relative to the rest of your body weight back into better proportion. It is not appropriate to think of aesthetic surgery as a weight loss procedure, but correcting a physical problem often leads to more efficient weight loss. Whether you should wait or not is something ultimately determined in a consultation with a board certified plastic surgeon, but I think it is worth getting that consult now, even if you ultimately decide to wait to lose more weight before having the tummy tuck.

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Best time to perform a tummy tuck

There's two different questions to answer: CAN you get a tummy tuck now and SHOULD you get a tummy tuck now? Of course you can get a tummy tuck now. Your abdominal wall will be flatter and improved in appearance after surgery.

SHOULD you get a tummy tuck now? That's a much harder question to answer. If you think you'd be able to lose weight, your results will be much improved the closer you get to your ideal body weight. Weight loss is slow and requires a significant amount of discipline, but it will eliminate intra-abdominal fat which can't be removed with tummy tuck and will allow for more skin removal. If you're not able to lose weight, then you'd be okay to have surgery now - just don't expect the results to be nearly as good.

Hope this helps. Best of luck.

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Get tummy tuck now.


In Manhattan, we often to tummy tucks on women who are somewhat overweight like you.  They do fine.  Losing all the weight is very hard.  Of course, you will still be overweight after the tummy tuck, but you will have a flat stomach, and probably be quite happy.

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Ideal weight for tummy tuck

There are several reasons to be close to your ideal weight before having the tummy tuck. As Dr. Rand pointed out, your results will be better. The other thing to keep in mind is safety: The risk of complications is less. The good news is that you may not have far to go, but the ideal weight depends on your height so I can't say specifically. We use the Metropolitan Life Insurance tables to determine ideal weight since it is based on statistics about health.

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Tummy tuck is best after weight loss

Hi there! It's just too difficult to speculate about your specific case without seeing pictures and getting a more detailed history. I can tell you that having C-Sections and hernia repairs do not prohibit you from having a tummy tuck. If you are still losing weight then you should continue to do so until you plateau. At that time, you will get the best possible result after tummy tuck.

I suggest you go in for a consultation with a board-certified plastic surgeon where you will be able to discuss all aspects of the procedure in detail. You should also ask to see before and after pictures. Good luck!

Dr. Singer

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Tummy Tuck timing

Although you could obtain a tummy tuck now, there are advantages in delaying your surgery until you are closer to your ideal body weight. You will be more likely to get a good result if your are at or near your ideal body weight. Additionally, the likelihood of a complication will also diminish if you have a normal body surface area.

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How tall are you

What counts is your BMI which is your weight in relationship to your height. If you are 6 feet tall then 179 is fine--if you are shorter then you figure it out. You will get the best result possible by having your BMI in the 25 range--If you want to find yours out google BMI and you will find a calculator. Loose the weight first then get the tummy tuck.

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Best Conditions for a Tummy Tuck

Ms. Hopewell/NJ,

It is very hard to comment on your condition without a clearer description or photographs. But, a few general comments can be made based on your last comment.

IF you "want to do the right thing with the best (Tummy tuck) results", you must meet all the conditions required. You need to be
- Healthy (no diabetes, connective tissue disease (Lupus etc))
- a Non-smoker (not even second hand smoke)
- not have scars that may interfere with the performance of a Tummy Tuck (such as under the rib scars)
- At or close to ideal weight (BMI 22 to 27)
- bed educated on the procedure and its recovery
- not have uncontrolled emotional / psychiatric issues

If you want want "the best results", you must meet these conditions. Doing the operation otherwise would compromise the results.

Dr. P. Aldea

Peter A. Aldea, MD
Memphis Plastic Surgeon
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