I had a tummy tuck done 6 weeks ago, I notice that when I sit or bend I see sagginess plus a roll specially when I am sitting?

I decided to get an abdominoplasty 6 weeks ago and was extremely swollen after. I had stretch marks left which really does not matter since a lot were gone, but my concern is that I notice when I'am sitting down my tummy looks saggy plus i get a little roll as well. I dont have an appointment with my PS till November 19, so I wanted to get a few answers from other surgeons before I talk to mine. Will it go away/is it still part of the swellness and can I get rid of it by working out?

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Post op roll

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If you were perfectly tight when sitting you would never be able to stand. That being said it is too soon to consider your final result.

Skin after tummy tuck

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This is a common finding and complaint. The reality is any person sitting will have the natural redundancy of the skin in the belly. After tummy tuck surgery this is even more obvious as early as six weeks. Wait the total 3-4 month healing before you assess your final result, but be realistic.

Neil Gottlieb, MD
Philadelphia Plastic Surgeon

Sagging and bulging after tummy tuck

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It is normal to have some bulging after surgery; frankly, you are in the early phases of healing. Also, remember that, if you were flat as a board, it wouldn't be normal. Musculature isn't taut as a drum. This is part of healing rather than something you can address with exercise. Definitely discuss your issues with your plastic surgeon and I am sure that he will reassure you.

Fullness After Tummy Tuck

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As hard as it is to do, try to be patient with your results. Everyone has swelling after this operation that can last for several months. The last area to improve is the part of your tummy along the incision. A mild compression garment, not necessarily a binder, can help the process along and improve your looks as you heal.

Any issues with your results noted after 9 months to a year should be taken up with your surgeon, as a revision may be indicated.

Be well and good luck!

I had a tummy tuck done 6 weeks ago, I notice that when I sit or bend I see sagginess plus a roll specially when I am sitting?

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A patient who needs a tummy tuck needs it because of loss of elasticity of the skin, usually from pregnancy, weight loss, or both. The TT gets rid of the excess, but does not restore the lost elasticity.

When you are sitting, the skin won't contract to conform to the short distance from breast bone to pelvis that is present sitting (vs standing).

If you had no excess while sitting, chances are you would not have enough tissue to allow you to stand up straight.

DIscuss with your surgeon at your post op. All the best.

Jourdan Gottlieb, MD
Seattle Plastic Surgeon

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