Atopic Dermatitis Over Tummy Tuck Scar

I Just Have my Tummy Tuck Done 1 Week Ago, over the Scar Like Atopic Dermatitis, It Will Go Away Soon, Any Advice? I am concern about another scar please advice. Thanks I include one picture.

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Dermatitis after TT

The redness over the scar is most likely related to tape or dressings.  It is not that uncommon.  It usually disappears quickly.  If you have blisters, you may develop some hyperpigmentation or discoloration of the skin.  You should discuss this with your doctor.

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Atopic dermatitis after TT

It is far too soon to even worry about this.  In all liklihood it is related to tape or dressings after surgery.  If you are that concerned speak to your plastic surgeon at your next visit, but don't go treating it without consulting him first.

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Dermatitis over Tummy Tuck Incision

Thanks for the picture, it helps with answering the question.  If you are only one week out, it is too soon to worry about scarring.  However, if you have concerns, you should address them with your surgeon.  Hopefully you have a follow up appointment this week.  Without examining you in person or knowing exactly what bandages, adhesives were used, etc, it is hard to give you specific advice.  It is possible that you had a reaction to the adhesive on the bandaging / dressings, a reaction to the antibiotic ointment (if used), reaction to any homeopathic medication you may be applying, bruising, or even just skin trauma with will heal over time.  If the red areas grow, turn black, peel off or for any other concerns, you should see advice from your surgeon sooner rather than later.


Good Luck with your recovery.

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