Tummy Tuck Vs Non Surgical Skin Tightening?

I am 22 years old and at age 20 I had one child. After having her through c-section my skin didnt come back to normal I have some saggy skin and some stretchmarks. Also when I bend over my tummy looks horrible, saggy, wrinkly and ugly. I was wondering if skin tigthening would actually fix it up a little more or would I have to do a tummy tuck?

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Nonsurgical Skin Tightening vs Tummy Tuck

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  Tummy tuck is far superior for your concerns.  Although a scar is involved, a short scar tummy tuck has the same length scar as a minitummy tuck but removes skin above the belly button and tightens your muscle.  Find the plastic surgeon with ELITE credentials who performs hundreds of tummy tucks each year.  Kenneth Hughes, MD Los Angeles, CA

Skin Tightening after being pregnant

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I don't think any treatments truly work for skin tightening except an abdominoplasty or tummy-tuck.  It is so frustrating that you can work out and diet and there is nothing you can do about loose skin and stretch marks!  Luckily, a tummy tuck can remove excess skin, stretch marks and tighten muscles.  It would be best to be sure you are done having kids first though.  Good luck! K. Roxanne Grawe, MD Columbus Plastic Surgeon

Tummy tuck better than no surgical skin tightening

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No surgical techniques do not compare to a tummy tuck especially when there are stretch marks. They may be an option for localized areas of minor laxity. Same applies for laser Lipo such as smart Lipo.

Richard Baxter, MD
Seattle Plastic Surgeon
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Non-Surgical Tightening Limited.

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The best solution for you may be to simply excise the loose skin with a relatively short scar (mini-tummy tuck) without tightening your muscles.  Non-surgical means of tightening loose skin are over-hyped, expensive and cannot compare with skin excision, especially in skin with stretch marks that has lost its elasticity. 

Eric Sadeh, MD
Manhattan Plastic Surgeon

Tummy Tuck vs Skin Tightening

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Non surgical skin tightening has not yet been fully studied in the abdominal region. While it is being tried with several different devices such as skin tyte, ultherapy and titan, the results are still unpredictable.  The most effective method to treat abdominal skin laxity is still a tummy tuck.  Seek consulation from a board certified plastic surgeon for further input.  All the best.

Tummy tuck vs nonsurgical tightening or liposuction

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Unfortunately there are no truly effictive non surgical tightening procedures.  Inducing scar in the area just below the skin with varous liposuction procedures can mildly tighten the skin, but if done aggressively can result in an uneven unnatural appearance. After pregnancy the skin will likely improve for many months as will the muscle wall, but after that the only solution is a tummy tuck. The surgical techniques have improved a great deal with faster recovery.

Cosmetic Surgery is an Art and a Science

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Thank you for your question. Non surgical tightening was never meant to compete with a tummy tuck. When you decide not to have any more children, then consider surgical options. Don't worry about some loose skin at this time.

Dr Thomas Narsete Austin, Tx

Skin Tightening Devices Do Not Create Comparative Effects to a Tummy Tuck

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The effects of skin tightening devices and a tummy tuck are not remotely comparative.  The role of skin tightening devices are for those patients who either do not want a tummy tuck or either are unsure and want to take a non-surgical 'gamble' first. But if you are looking for the best result in the most efficient manner, a tummy tuck is almost always the best choice.

Skin tightening after pregnancy

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After pregnancy, the skin excess present is often too much for any external skin tightening procedure to correct.  A tummy tuck will most likely give you the best improvement in your abdominal contour.  An in person examination by a board-certified plastic surgeon will give you the best answers.

Naveen Setty, MD
Dallas Plastic Surgeon
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The truth about Skin tightening devices versus Tummy-Tucks

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Thank you for your question.  The skin tightening devices all sound great on papers but have very limited real clinical effects.  So I agree with the previous posts.  They might give you a very mild improvement - if any - but nothing 'wow'.  If you do have excess skin and stretch marks (which are often seen after pregnancy), only a tummy-tuck (perhaps a mini-tummy-tuck) would give you a nice flat abdominal contour.  As you may know, a tummy-tuck also tightens your muscles, gives you back the hour-glass shape, bring 'in' the abdominal pouch... which the so-called tightening devices will not do.  On the other end, you are very young and likely will have more children.  Another pregnancy will again likely aggravate the abdominal skin and contour so the tightening device might be an option - for now - and later, you might consider the tummy-tuck.  Hope this helps!  Dr. Marc DuPere, Plastic Surgeon, Toronto

Marc DuPéré, MD
Toronto Plastic Surgeon
4.8 out of 5 stars 71 reviews

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