Tummy Tuck vs C-Section Recovery Time?

I've had 2 prior c-sections, my first was ok but my second was a breeze, I was able to walk around and get stuff done by the 3rd day. I'm guessing because I used a compression band with my 2nd. I was wondering if the recovery time for a tummy tuck is somewhat the same as a c-section. Or is it faster? I will be having a full tummy tick with lipo and muscle repair and was wondering what differences I can expect from a tummy tuck since I'm pretty familiar with c-sections. 

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Tummy tuck recovery the same as a C section?

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No it won't be a breeze but it'll be worth it. Most of my patients are up and around the very next day but walking a little bent over because of the necessary tightening of the muscles (not done with a C section.) Most patients have a drain for a week or so. Mother Nature provides euphoric hormones to mothers in labor. We haven't figured out how to get her to do that for tummy tuck patients yet, but we're working on it!  Total cost for a full tummy tuck with muscle repair and a new belly button is $5346 if under 150 lbs. and $6930 if over.    Dr Foster

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Tummy Tuck vs. C-section

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Thank you for your question.

Many patients tell me that the recovery is similar to the recovery after c-section.  The issue is that you will be having excess skin removed as well as the muscles repaired and you want to have a nice aesthetic result so please do not plan on getting up on day 3 and taking care of the house.  

I recommend that you take at least 2 weeks off and have someone there to take care of the kids for you.  You will be hunched over protecting the incision line, you will have 2 drains in, a compression garment, etc..

Take care of yourself during the recovery so that you have the best result possible.

Best Wishes.

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