Tummy Tuck Vertical Scar? Also, Higher Than Normal on Horizontal Was Stated Because of Skin Type. (photo)

Tummy Tuck Vertical Scar? Also, Higher Than Normal on Horizontal Was Stated Because of Skin Type. Please give me expert opinions!

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Vertical scar

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I also like my colleagues am not sure exactly your question to help you.  It looks like you had an umbilicoplasty?, and you are considering a tummy tuck? I do not charge extra if I need to add a small vertical component of the scar because of the skin around the umbilicus is unable to be removed when pulling down the flap.  Hope that helps.

Tummy Tuck Scar Placement

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Its hard to tell what is going on from just your photos or what procedure(s) you had done.  I strive to place the tummy tuck scar as low as possible to hide the scar in your bikini line.  On some patients that have a very long belly button to bikini line distance, they may require a 1 inch lower midline incision.  Please visit with a board certified PS to learn more about your options.


Dr. Basu

Houston, TX

Lower Tummy Tuck Incisions Are Best

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It's hard to tell from your photos exactly what is going ob.

As a rule, I prefer to have 10cm or about 4 inches of normal skin from the belly button to the scar itself.

The vertical scar is from the old belly button and is sometimes necessary if you do not have enough skin to reach all the way down top the main scar.

Skin type does not have any effect on where your scar will be. 

Tummy tuck scars

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In order to more effectively answer your question it would be good to see a before picture. The scar locations that you have are within the normal result depending on the way you looked before.

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