Uneven Abdomen After Tummy Tuck

My abs are irregular after Tummy Tuck. The tighter areas are sunken, and the more loose areas are blooped out. It has been over 5 months--what is going on, please? I can't find any info on this. According to everything I have read, I should be healed. The only reference I found was on this site, and she talked about her swell hell. Please tell me if this is normal. I am freaking out. Thanks.

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Sounds like you have a bad result.

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I am afraid you have an unsatisfactory result. It is not normal, and I don't know why it happened. I doubt it will change. Not what you wanted to hear.

It can most likely be corrected with a revision, but who wants to go through that? It seems that your only other choice is to live with this sub optimal look.

If you have lost confidence in your surgeon, there are links on my website to the plastic surgery societies, where you can get names near you.

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Contour irregularity after abdominoplasty

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It is possible that some revisional work may be necessary after abdominplasty. Although you are still healing (I am guessing that your scar is still red or pink), major contour problems should be mostly gone at 5 months. Nevertheless, before any additional corrective procedure is performed, a full evaluation of the reasons for the irregularites must be undertaken.

Is the problems excess skin? Were there any fluid collections (blood or serum) untreated after the surgery that created contour issues? Etc.

You should have a good explanation from your surgeon. If you are unsatisfied, get another opinion. However, do not rush into anything.

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