Is It Normal For My Wound To Be Oozing Post-Op? I'm Wearing A Girdle All Day.

I had my tummy tuck done two weeks ago I started to do massages on the 22nd of sept and the scar opened I little but I was very worried than I want to but a tighter gridle because the one I have is very loose it is mostly made of latex and microfiber I wear it all day but when I take it off the scabs on my incesion is kind scoogy and where some piled off it is a light pink color what should I do and allso my doctor told me I should start maderma but that was before the massage and new gridle

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Oozing incision 2 weeks post-op is not usual.

At 2 weeks post-op your tummy tuck incision has certainly not healed completely, but it should be sealed and no longer draining. You stated you had started massages and your incision opened up. Most patients are well-advised to wait at least 3 weeks (assuming normal healing--longer if healing is delayed or circulation impaired) before starting any kind of scar treatment or tissue massage. Things are just not yet durable enough to withstand rubbing and stretching!

If you have a seroma, perhaps it has found its way to the surface via an incompletely-healed tract through your incision. This may indicate a need for aspiration (by your surgeon), drain replacement, or other intervention. Or, this may simply be incision serum that moistens your dressing or clothing (or girdle) and will do so until epithelialization (new skin over the surface like a healed blister) has occurred.

This isn't as much about the type or tightness girdle as the present status of healing, BUT if your latex and microfiber girdle causes your incision to be irritated or macerated (I think that may be what "scoogy" means), then you may want to try a less irritating garment.

It sounds as if you need to see your surgeon again, for examination, advice about wound healing, perhaps a new or better garment, and ongoing recommendations. Things don't sound bad or out of control YET, but let's not wait until you have a (serious) problem before you ask these questions of the surgeon you paid to do your surgery. Good luck!

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Tummy tuck, wound, drainage

Because of the extreme tension on the tummy tuck wound, it is not unusual for there to be minor areas of slow healing. If there are little crusts or scabsthat come off  there will be moisture on the skin in that area. This by itself is not usually a major problem, it just takes a while for the skin to finish healing. But if there is any redness or other signs of infection in the area of oozing you need to have it looked at by your doctor.. Usually it just takes a little time and treatment with an antibiotic cream and it will be healed. I would not advise Mederma or other scar treatments until healing is complete.

Ronald V. DeMars, MD
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Drainage after tummy tuck

Thank you for the question.

Based on your description, what you are experiencing may very well be “normal”. On the other hand, there are certain complications that may be associated with drainage from the incision line  (seroma  draining or infection). This is a situation therefore where it is best that you be evaluated in person by your plastic surgeon.

Best wishes.

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Wound healing problems

Marginal necrosis at the wound edge especially in the midline is not unusual following an abdominoplasty. With conservative management it will get better. Your plastic surgeon will help you get this area healed.

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Drainage after a tummy tuck

You should be talking with your doctor.  drainage can be as simple as moist non healed wound edges or can be a fluid collection(seroma) or impending infection.

do not use mederma on non healed areas..   see your doctor

Jed H. Horowitz, MD, FACS
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Small wound 2 weeks following a tummy tuck

Small wound separations are not uncommon even at 2 weeks following a tummy tuck. This can be caused by traction on the incision from activity in conjunction with the tension already present from the surgery; it can also be caused by a deep suture coming through the skin. You should contact your plastic surgeon and have him/her evaluate you and give you specific instructions.

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Oozing after tummy tuck

It doesn't sound like anything major. You should contact your surgeon for more specific instructions.

Ronald Schuster, MD
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Is It Normal For My Wound To Be Oozing Post-Op? I'm Wearing A Girdle All Day.

The internet: a force for good and bad in equal measure.

Please log off your computer ASAP and see the only person who matters: your surgeon. He or she will evaluate your wound and advise you accordingly.

Good luck!


Eric Pugash, MD
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