Should I have a tummy tuck? Or is there something I could do to make my stomach presentable?! (photo)

I'm 17 year old female who has lost a considerable amount of weight. I went from 250 to 145. do I still have fat or is this all skin!? What can I do with it?

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Excess skin

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Hi Emilytennesee. Great job on your weight loss. Underneath all that excess skin is a great figure. I believe you can obtain an excellent result by getting a lower body lift. This operation results in a scar all the way around the lower abdomen and upper buttocks. It gives you a tummy tuck, mons lift, lateral thigh lift, butt lift as well as an auto-augmentation of the buttocks and hips if wanted or needed.

You need to see an expert, who does this kind of surgery to have it done. At that same operation other procedures such as breast lift and or augmentation,  or arm lift can also be performed. Don't hesitate to look at my website to see what kind of results you can get.

San Antonio Plastic Surgeon
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What should I do after loosing all that weight?

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Thank you for this very common and well thought out question. The most important thing you can do to improve your surgical result would be to lose all the weight you are planning to lose, or the majority of it, before you go for a consultation with a board certified plastic surgeon. In your case, like many other massive weight loss patients I see, you are a great candidate now for a circumferential or extended tummy tuck with the addition of judicial liposuction at the time of surgery to further refine the results. I would recommend you consult with several plastic surgeons who perform this procedure regularly before making your final decision. Good luck!

Erez Sternberg, MD
Jacksonville Plastic Surgeon
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Abdominal/Waistline Reshaping after Extreme Weight Loss

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Such an amount of weight loss is always going to create the extra amount of loose skin that you currently have. Even though you are young, its surgical removal is the only approach to getting rid of it. There are a variety of procedures to consider from an abdominal panniculectomy, and extended tummy tuck to a circumferential body lift, all with their own unique advantages and disadvantages. Which abdominal reshaping procedure is best for you will be based on your understanding of their advantages and disadvantages which can be best obtained by an actual plastic surgery consultation either in the office or by Skype.

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Should I have a tummy tuck? Or is there something I could do to make my stomach presentable?!

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Thoiugh you are quite young only a full tummy tuck would improve your appearance. Best to seek IN PERSON opinions from boarded PSs in your city/state.. 

Excess abdominal skin after weight loss

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Congratulations.  It is possible to see some skin retraction over time, although not of great significance.  You probably need a Panniculectomy rather than a tummy tuck. This addresses the excess skin alone and is less invasive.  Surgery would not be covered by insurance so your parents would have to be willing to fund and approve of the procedure.  Merry Xmas!

Dr. Kayser

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Well first of all: CONGRATULATIONS!!! Well done! Of course, now you are now left with excess skin that will, unfortunately, never significantly change except by surgically removing it and that is your tummy tuck. The good news is that I believe you will look fantastic when you are done and the final scar, although there for life will eventually fade nicely and clearly be more acceptable than the skin you have now. I hope this helps and merry Christmas! Dr. Kayser

Melek Kayser, MD
Detroit Plastic Surgeon
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