Tummy Tuck Swelling After 6 Months? (photo)

Almost 6 months after a full TT and swelling persists. In the mornings I’m flatter and nice. As the day goes by, and I eat, the swelling increases especially in the lower/pubic area. I have the same 50kg, like before TT. Already did pelvic, abdominal, abdominal wall, intra vaginal ultrasound and cat scan and there’s no fluid/seroma/loose suture or something else. Am I part of the minority patients where the swelling will subside in a year or more? Should I do lymphatic massage or exercise?

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Tummy tuck swelling after 6 months

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There seem to be a large difference between your mornings and evening photos. Did you have repair of your muscle wall? If so, I would suggest that the "bloat" may be related to an intraabdominal problem and you should see a gastroenterologist to sort this out. I hope this helps.

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