Can Stretch Marks Tear During Tummy Tuck?

I am 38, 3 children & lost 70 pounds. I have stretch marks above my bb (about 6" above) and they're quite wide (3/4 inch) but not red. Any chance that when the doctor pulls the skin down, that these stretch marks could tear?

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Tummy tuck and stretch marks

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When I do a tummy tuck, in most cases and it sounds like it yours because of great weight loss, the skin above the belly button is stretched down to the pubic area(which I also lift). So, any stetch marks, cuts that are between the present belly button location and the pubic hair area is removed. I am offering a temporary price reduction for any cosmetic surgery. Watch my video!

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Bursting Stretch Marks during a Tummy Tuck is Unlikely

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A Stretch Mark is better termed a Stretch Crack; it is a scar tissue filling a real burst in the skin. If the skin is put under a lot of stretch or tension the stretch marks in the center of the pull are apt to burst BUT the amount of tension required to do so are a LOT greater than the amount of tension surgeons put on their wound closures.

The more tension is placed on the wound the less blood flow through the edges, the poorer and wound healing and the wider the scar. If the tension becomes too great, the wound below will separate a lot sooner before a stretch mark above tears.

I would NOT worry about this. Pick a good surgeon and you do not need to worry about this. Check

Peter A. Aldea, MD
Memphis Plastic Surgeon

Can stretch marks tear?

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In my experience in 40 years, NO. But, most of the striea above the umbillicus will not be removed. rather they will be repositioned lower in your abdomen.

Barry H. Dolich, MD (Retired)
Bronx Plastic Surgeon

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