Tummy Tuck Sorness After 4 Months

I am 4 months post op, still get swelling and my upper belly is very sore. Sort of hurts when I touch it. Feels like a black and blue but nothing there. When I button my pants Im careful not to touch that area. Also, I feel like my muscles are sore like if I had been doing sit ups? I wonder is it because it still hurts to use my muscles and Im careful when lying down and getting up to hold on to something for support. Am I just doing more damage by not using them more?

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Still sore four months after tummy tuck

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Perhaps you are still too careful, and need a program to help encourage mobility and flexibility. There is not much that you can do wrong at this point in healing. The soreness may respond to ultrasound or massage, and yoga or other gentle stretching may help sort out the soreness.

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Tummy tuck

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At some point you need to try and get back to normal activity. Sometimes people are a little tentative after surgery and they need to increase their activity slowly

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