Tummy Tuck for Loose Skin in my Early 20s?

I am 23 and have lost 100 lbs but I can not get my tummy to tighten up anymore. I can grab the skin. But I am worried about getting a tummy tuck done and then having children in the future. What would you suggest? I am very fit and currently have a body fat of 24% but can't wear tight clothes because of the loose skin all over my body. Is a tummy tuck right for me?

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Tummy Tuck

Congrats on the weight loss! Sounds like you have lost the weight through non-surgical means...fantastic for you! I always ask patients whether or not their weight loss has plateaued. If not, surgery might best be delayed until it has. If so, but you feel you still have not reached your "ideal" weight, cosmetic surgery can is some cases, help get you over the hump and with a focused recovery schedule, get you closer to your goal.

As far as a tummy tuck for excess skin, I think given the information you have provided (young, no children), my advice is to seek out a board certified plastic surgeon. He or she can evaluate your skin and soft tissue excess and muscular anatomy. Excess skin below the belly button can be removed with a smaller incision (mini-tummy tuck), or above and below the belly button with a full tummy tuck....but most importantly your surgeon, during your exam, may be able to assess whether or not your rectus muscles are separated (typically occurs after pregnancy).

If not, a skin only (panniculectomy) may be an option and would not require permanent sutures in your muscles. It is these sutures that can get "stretched" when pregnant, along with the skin, and result in a "saggy pouch", requiring another tummy tuck.

My short story advice is, yes a tummy tuck maybe right for you, but have a board certified plastic surgeon examine you and tailor your procedure to your individual anatomy.

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Tummy tucks

Tummy tucks are for anyone with an unsightly abdomen. If you are upset by the way your stomach looks because of your weightloss, then get it fixed. Congratulations for the weight loss -- now congratulate yourself by getting it taken care of. After you have children, you can worry about that then!

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