Severe Pain After Tummy Tuck

Following my Tummy Tuck, I had a severe pain that was not relieved at all by any pain meds & pain pump. This lasted for a week & a half. My plastic surgeon said it was normal, and that everything looked okay. It was very uncomfortable for a month or so, it was sore for 6-7 months. My upper abs stick out a little farther from lower abs. Everyone that I speak to that had a Tummy Tuck has not needed pain meds for more than a few days and the pain was no big deal. What could be the possible reason I was in such severe pain? It Worse than childbirth. 18 months later, I can still feel in my abs that I had a tuck.

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Pain after abdominoplasty

Abdominoplasties are painful operations although usually not severe. It is possible that you might have had some fluid collection (blood or serum) that created additional inflammation and with that, prolonged pain. It is also possible that you are more sensitive to pain than your friends that have had similar procedures.

I can't really tell from the photo any specific problems with the abdominal wall. If there is something that you dislike about the result, bring this to the attention of your surgeon.

Some patients cannot be make completely flat because of storage of fat in the intraperitoneal space. It is unavailable for liposuction and limits how much the abdominal wall can be tightened. Weight loss will flatten the abdomen, however.

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Sounds like a hematoma

You may have had a limited hematoma that caused the additional pain and it may have formed a capsule that is showing through as a bulge in the upper abd area. Discuss this with your surgeon and discuss your options such as a getting a CT scan to see if there is a capsule. If there is, then you may benefit from having it removed but that would mean additional surgery and scarring. Make sure you follow-up with your surgeon.

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