Tummy Tuck Scar

I am only 13 days PO and very happy with my TT. I am a little concerned about the puckering and lifted scar.I knew the stretch marks would remain but never thought about them being sewn together. How can I expect this scar to heal and look in the future? What therapies do you suggest? I trust what my PS says, just curious of other opinions!

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Tummy tuck scars

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Tummy tuck scars can take a long time to settle, and 13 days is way too early to assess them.  A lot of the gathering and puckering may settle down over time, and if the scar is not as good as you would like, a scar revision is not necessarily a big procedure...certainly much less than the tummy tuck was.  When the incisions are well-sealed at maybe 3-4 weeks, if your surgeon agrees, you can start to wear silicone sheeting.  Reassess the scars with your surgeon at maybe 6 months or so, even though scars will improve over years.

Further thoughts:  I am always torn between trying to reassure patients who ask questions on this site and being blunt and completely honest.  These do not look like any tummy tuck scars that I place on my patients.  I do not see the pleating, I do not leave large dog ears, and I do not turn the scar downward at the ends to deal with a dog ear ineffectively. The planning of the tummy tuck scar is a critical step in the procedure, and if properly planned, I think that many or all of theese problems can be avoided. Certainly, damaged skin can make the closure of the incisions difficult. But I cannot say that this represents a typical tummy tuck scar that I create in my practice.  That being said, your scars will improve in some ways over many months, and after 6 months or so you could consider a scar revision...certainly get one or more second opinions.

Tummy tuck scar

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What I notice in particular about the scar is it's asymmetry more that anything else. This is actually pretty easy to fix, but may require a scar revision at a later time. Right now, it is far too early to consider additional surgery of any kind. The scar however, typically will improve, on it's own over the course of several months. Some doctors recommend using certain creams to improve the appearance of the scar and this might help to some degree. The most commonly used cream is called Mederma and is available over the counter at most drug stores. Your surgeon may have a different recommendation as to what to use on the scar as there are many different brands of creams available.

Incision post-op tummy tuck surgery

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At this point in time of your recovery, it is normal for your incision to appear puckered and raised. As the internal sutures dissolve, the scar will relax, flatten, and straighten out. During the first 2-4 months, the incision may look dark, pink, or red. It may take several months before you see a significant improvement in the appearance of the scar. However, with tincture of time, the scar will usually fade. There are many silicone products available, such as Hybrisil, to aid in the healing process and scarring.

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All you need to do is allow time.

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Glad you are pleased.   It appears you are healing normally.  There is nothing for you to do but avoid ultraviolet exposure on the scar (and don't smoke).  I cannot see your belly button very well but it looks like it's doing fine.  Gradually the scar will flatten, the irregularities will smooth out, and it will start to fade.  This takes a long time, over a year.  I don't think applying silicone sheets makes any difference.

Tummy Tuck Scar

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Will improve in time, but follow your surgeons postop protocols for scar treatments. I wonder if the placement of the incision was an issue? 

Tummy tuck scars take several months to mature

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Between 2-3 weeks after tummy tuck, the scars generally look their worst. They can be raised, red and thick, all of which are normal components of wound healing. Every surgeon recommends a different regimen of scar care to their patients, meaning that there is no one right solution. Given the current appearance of your incision, I would expect is to soften, flatten and fade considerably over the next several months to 2 years.

Hope this helps. All the best - Dr. Jejurikar

Tommy tuck Scar

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You are less than two weeks after your syrgery . Even though your scar may look suboptimal at this time, I am certain it will improve in next six months. If you were going to remain concerned  there is always a possibilty of having the surgery to be revised. 

Impression of scar following a tummy tuck

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Two weeks following a tummy tuck is way too early to be able to determine the final outcome in the appearance of the scar. You will probably see more inflammation and firmness over the next 6 weeks before you begin to experience an improvement. Full scar maturation may take a year or even longer.

A topical silicone gel or silicone gel sheeting can be applied to the scar for a period of several months to help facilitate you obtaining a better outcome. You should also protect the scar from the sun for 6 - 9 months.

Discuss with your plastic surgeon the approach that he/she recommends with regards to the scar.


Early appearance of tummy tuck scar

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Your scar will take several months to flatten out and lighten in color. I would follow the recommendations of your plastic surgeon and consider using a silicone tape or silicone gel to help accelerate the healing process. Just be patient for now; scars can actually take up to one year to achieve their final appearance.

Best wishes,


Tummy tuck scar therapy

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You are quite early in the post op period. With time ridges and skin puckering will diminish and resolve. The final scar appearance will take take up to one year to appreciate. One option to consider to help improve overall scar appearance is the use of silicone sheets during the next three to four months. Talk to your plastic surgeon and get his opinion.

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