Is Tummy Tuck or Scar Revision an Option for Me? (photo)

I had my TT w/o Lipo in March. I will be 6 months in September. I would like TT or scar revision done on my scar as it seems to go up my stomach and is very visible with bikini underwear or a baithing suit and really don't like it. I would like a bikini line scar, if possible. Based on the pictures, what do you think my options could/would be? I didn't have Lipo on my original procedure so I was thinking maybe if I got some, it would loosen more of the skin too as its not super tight now??

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Incision and Tummy Tuck

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I believe that your incision would be a bit difficult to lower at this point.  Liposuction would not appreciable help the situation.  Usually the incision is placed lower and planned for definitively just prior to surgery.  

Dr. ES

Abdominoplasty revision

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Your results and scar look pretty good to me. It sounds like you want to change the position of the scar especially the outer ends of the scar which lie above the level of the natural groin crease. The best way to know if that is feasible is to wear the garment you want to hide the scar under and see if there is sufficient laxity in the surrounding skin to allow for scar repositioning. That is usually impossible to tell from a photo unless there is an extreme amount of excess skin/skin laxity. I do not think in your case liposuction will be of any benefit towards repositioning the scar. The best person to do this revision surgery is your original abdominoplasty surgeon.

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Aaron Stone, MD
Los Angeles Plastic Surgeon

Is Tummy Tuck or Scar Revision an Option for Me?

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Thanks for trying to post photos that help, but a frontal view in a bikini would have be best so to see the location of the incision/scar. Anyway. This would be a very difficult operation to lower the incision to below the bikini line. Seems something was lost in translation in the pre operative visit, as to the exact location of the incision. This is a major issue that should always be understood between the surgeon and the patient. Best to obtain a few in person consults from boarded PSs in your city. 

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