Bulge in Upper Abs and Pubic Area 7 Months After Full TT with MR, Do I Need Revision? (photo)

I had a full tummy tuck with muscle repair 7 months ago and i still have upper ab buldge and pubic area buldge i also have a indention on my tummy that i dont like can all this be fixed with revision ?

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Contour deformities following tummy tuck.

Thank you for posting your photos. The bulge at the pubic line is typically caused by excess fat. Early on, swelling is common in this area leading to bulges however at 7 months, this should have mostly resolved. Minor liposuction may improve this area. As for the indentation above the belly button, there could be several reasons for this. Most commonly, a difference in the thickness of the fatty layer can give the appearance of bulges or indentations. Liposuction is an effective way of smoothing this contour. A failure of the muscle repair is unlikely to show as simply this isolated indentation. I recommend a follow up with your plastic surgeon to discuss your issues.

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Bulge p[ost tummy

This indent can be corrected with a little fat grafty,?Perhaps a little more skin and fat can be removed to eliminate the lower bulge.The upper bulge may be due to not enough plication at the top or some excess fatty tissue.

Robert Brueck, MD
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You may need a little revision with liposuction

It appears that there's a slight protrusion. Usually when it's in the pubic area it may be residual fat that needs to be suctioned. The other cause would be that not enough skin was removed from the pubic area and because it is loose it protrudes. As far as the upper abdomen, the usual problems are excess fat compared to the surrounding tissue or some laxity in the underlying repair of the diastasis (that's the repair of the thin white tissue layer overlying the muscles).

I recommend that you visit with your surgeon to discuss your concerns. He would know best what was done and how to address it

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Bulges after My Tummy Tuck

Dear Mrs. R.,

It is difficult to determine from your photos the etiology of the areas you are concerned with.  It the irregularities are due to areas of unevenness is the fatty tissues, then liposuction may be the answer.  If the etiology is the muscle repair, then a revision may be needed.

The only way to really tell is to meet with a board-certified plastic surgeon and have a detailed examination.  While every surgeon wants to get a perfect result with very procedure, sometimes revisions are needed to obtain the desired result.  Best of luck.

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Bulges after tummy tuck

We can't really tell from the photo, if the bulge is a muscle bulge, or perhaps fat. Something about your result suggests that there was significant thinning of the tummy tuck flap. Liposuction, to smooth out the result, may be the answer.

Best of luck,

Peter Johnson, MD

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Yes, tummy tuck revision surgery should be able to correct those areas


Thank you for the question and photos.  There are several potential sources for the fullness that you are seeing above the belly button and at the pubic symphysis.  Among these, residual excess fat, pseudobursa, or improper or insufficient abdominal wall tightening are all potential causes.  A full revision would be needed to assess and treat all of these areas except excess fat which can be treated with liposuction alone.

All the best,

Dr Remus Repta

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Fatty midriff after abdominoplasty

Have you gained weight in the seven months after your surgery?  If the answer is yes, that is what has caused this fatty midriff.  If you haven't gained weight, you would likely benefit from liposuction or abdominoplasty revision.  Check out my blog on the truth about weight gain after body contouring.

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Need to meet with a board certified plastic surgeon

It's difficult to make a definitive diagnosis from these photos. If the bulge is determined through an exam to be fat, then liposuction will help. If not then a revision may be in order. Thus decision should not be taken lightly and I would first go back to the original surgeon and if you don't get satisfaction then get another opinion.

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Difficult Fix

Consult with a board certified Plastic Surgeon and be evaluated in person.  They will discuss appropriate options for improvement with you.  However, this appears to be a difficult situation based solely on the photos.


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Tummy Tuck Revision

Based on your pictures, I would not recommend a revision of the tummy tuck.  I would suggest liposuction to help contour your abdomen and remove any extra fat.  However, an in-person consultation would only know for sure.



Good Luck.

David Shafer, MD
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