8 Months Post-TT; Still Have Sagging Skin and Unhappy With Placement of Scar, and Bellybutton. What Are My Options? (photo)

Hello I had a tummy tuck 8 months ago. Recently I have noticed that I have rolls of sagging skin. I always thought my scar is too high, and I am not exactly happy with my belly button. I would like for a doctor to review my pictures to see what the problem is and how I should fix it.

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Rools of fat and skin after tummy tuck

Hi,  I see your problem. When you stand up straight, you look good. When you sit down, and twist, you have chubby folds. This means that you have lost some elasticity of skin, so when you sit, it folds up. Also,  you have a few inches of fat, so you get a roll. If your plastic surgeon were to take out more, then you may not be able to stand up. You could try losing about 10 pounds, which would thin out the folds and would help with that weird twisty fat folds thing you are doing in pictures 1 through 3! I think a low carb or gluten free diet works pretty well for that type of fat. If it makes you feel better everyone gets some folding when they twist up like that! And try some fraxel on the scar.

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