Will a Tummy Tuck revision hide the vertical scar and repair loose skin above my belly button? (Photos)

I understand that a vertical scar is sometimes necessary when the skin won't pull down far enough. However, in addition to the vertical scar, I seem to have excess skin above my belly button..it looks like a fold in the skin. I am wondering why I have this excess skin and also if the vertical scar was really necessary. I was not told it was a possibility and PS was dismissive of my concerns. Surgery was 5 months ago.

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Abdominal scar revision possibilities.

I would wait a year after the original surgery before trying a revision of the abdominal scar.  Oftentimes  a percentage of the vertical scar can be removed during the revision.  I have performed this many times for my patients and they always seem to be pleased with the results.

Good luck to you

Frank Rieger M.D. Tampa Plastic Surgeon

Excess skin and vertical scar

Thank you for your question. First: do nothing and allow the area to  heal a minimum of 6-12 months. Maintain a stable weight during this time. A revision  that I have used to tighten the  skin above the umbilicus in  patients with a very long distance between the umbilicus and pubic area is the " floating belly button." The tummy tuck incision is reopened, and the skin is elevated off muscle wall . The stalk  of the belly button is cut and the entire skin flap is pulled  down. It might be  possible to significantly shorten the vertical scar. The  belly  button is then reattached to the muscle fascia in a lower  location. Depending on the blood  supply to the belly button, your plastic surgeon may have  to make you a new one. It's a fun  operation and usually  give  nice results.

I wish you well.!
Don Fontana, MD
Waldorf Plastic Surgeon

Will a Tummy Tuck revision hide the vertical scar and repair loose skin above my belly button?

Maybe but best to wait 1 year from the surgery just to be fully healed. Also sep in person second opinions... 

Revising tummy tucks

can be challenging depending on what the problems is.  Your skin in the upper abdomen is hard to remove without with either a reverse tummy tuck or a re-do that will result in a scar below your belly button.  Best to discuss your concerns with your surgeon for options that you can consider.
Curtis Wong, MD
Curtis Wong, MD
Redding Plastic Surgeon
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It is very hard to revise a tummy tuck. You could do some skin tightening. You could come in for a consultation. You could also do laser for the scar.

vertical scar

A vertical scar sometimes is required and your surgeon must judge that need. You do not want the flap closed too tight. That being said, it is also difficult to judge skin laxity from photos. You need an examination. I would recommend you see your surgeon again for an evaluation or get a second opinion if you desire in addition to confirm things for you. 

Revision Of Tummy tuck

A vertical scar with a tummy tuck is sometimes necessary and this is up to the judgement of your surgeon and done to be safe too avoid skin from being too tight and possibly losing that skin. With regards to your recurrent looseness, an examination would have to be performed to see how much looseness there is. After any tummy tuck there is always recurrent looseness to an extent that occurs with time. You may be a candidate for revision abdominoplasty depending on your exam, but you should counsel with your plastic surgeon first. At least 6months should given to allow your long term result to declare itself. You can always get a second opinion from another board certified plastic surgeon but try to maintain your relation and care with your primary provider. 

Good luck

Gaurav Bharti
Gaurav Bharti, MD, FACS
Gaurav Bharti, MD, FACS
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