Tummy Tuck Revision or Just Added Lipo? Thigh Lift or Lower Body Lift? (photo)

Since my procedures on 3/2/12 I've lost 45 lbs & 50 in. I'm pleased with my results so far. Since losing the weight my surgeon has suggested a thigh lift and extra lipo (no cost) of my stomach/love handles to give me a better contour. Would a Tummy Tuck revision be better due to my high scar location and the fat I can still pinch on my upper/lower stomach & sides? If I push the fat/skin up around my hips/top thighs to my upper sides it lifts my butt and evens out my contour out-lower body lift?

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Weight loss, timing of surgery for excess skin

Congratulation on the weight loss!! Quite a difference in your photos, most of which is from that weight loss.


To my eye, the thing I would want to change most is lowering the tummy tuck scar. However, I am not sure how much loose skin there is on your abdomen.


But you need to decide what bothers you the most and work on that first.


I am not sure from your note if you are at your goal weight. If not, I would hold off on further surgery until that time. It would not serve you well to have surgery today, lose a lot more weight, and then have more excess skin to deal with in the same area!

Best wishes.

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