Repeat Tummy Tuck for Stretch Marks?

I have been recently widowed and at 45 years old I would like to consider dating and intimacy again. However, I am extremely embarrassed by these stretch marks, some of which still extend above my umbilicus. I would like to consider a repeat Tummy Tuck to see if I can eliminate some of more them or at least get rid of the ones above my umbilicus. Will this work for me?

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Probably not going to make you happy

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If you have already had a tummy tuck and still have stretch marks above the umbilicus, there really is no way to repeat the surgery and get those off. You just won't have enough extra skin for that to ever happen.

If your skin is lax again, though, doing some kind of revision might tighten them a bit so they won't look so bad to you.

Can possible reduce but not eliminate stretch marks with secondary abdominoplasty

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This really depends on how much skin laxity you currently have. However, it is highly unlikely that you will be able to eliminate all your stretch marks even they are currently located above your umbilicus. 

Otto Joseph Placik, MD
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