Tummy Tuck to Repair Torn Stomach Muscles?

I have torn stomach muscles. I have been getting shots in my stomach for 3 month now to no relief. Will a Tummy Tuck work for this and will my insurance cover it seeing it is muscle?

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Torn abdominal muscle and tummy tucks

I agree with all the other opinions. The surgey should take about and hour. If I was you I'd get a second opinion from another surgeon certified by the AMERICAN BOARD OF PLASTIC SURGERY. You can find one in your area. Three hours seems way too long, unless he/she wants you to "hang around" after the surgery to observe you prior to going home. I read your comment at the bottom, and you don't seem very confident in this surgeon, find another one.

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See a surgeon to determin insurance elegibility for muscle separation or hernia

Currently, it appears that insurance companies are increasingly denying the procedure of rectus muscle diastasis repair. This is most likely the best method of repairing the muscle separation.

If you have a true hernia, then the insurance may cover all or a portion of the costs. The best way to determine this is to have a general surgeon or plastic surgeon perform and evaluation and establish a diagnosis. This may even require diagnostic imaging such as an ultrasound or CAT scan or MRI

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