Redness and Tenderness Caused by Tight Garment After Tummy Tuck?

I had a Tummy Tuck on June 11th, and a follow-up on the 19th. My umbilical sutures were removed and everything looked really good so far. However last Saturday (20th), I noticed a significant redness flaring up from my belly button, so my surgeon prescribed me an antibiotic just in case it was a bacterial infection (not likely, no oozing, etc). I was wearing the garment very tight. Could this red tenderness or bruising be from that? It's still pretty red today. Does this sound like it's from wearing the garment too tight? The photo is a little lighter.

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Red belly button after tummy tuck

Yes the gament may be a cause of the persistent redness. However, it is quite common for the belly button to heal slowly after a tummy tuck.

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Umbilical redness after tummy tuck

Hi there,

Unfortunately, I am unable to see your photo.

However, the first thing I would suggest is to stop wearing the garment, continue your antibiotics, apply warm compress to the site and call your Plastic Surgeon for another follow up.

In general, after a Tummy tuck the umbilicus takes the longest to heal. If the reddness is due to fluids accumulation underneath (assuming your drains are already out) then eventually you might experience oozing or drainage from the site which will need to be cultured and treated appropriately. If the reddness that is getting worse is due to cellulitis then a coarse of Antibiotics might be all what you need.

Keep in mind that with an active infection, you should normally experience fever, pain at the site of reddness and worsening of the reddness daily.

Again please call your surgeon to see you soon.

Good luck and hope this helps.

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