Red Marks, Bump Above Belly Button After Tummy Tuck

I am 9 weeks post op from tummy tuck. The entire muscle around the belly button is still swollen, hard, and sore. I also have two red marks and the doctor said he didn't know what are these. When I sit, there is a bump above the belly button. Are these normal?

Also, is it normal to come in for a mini tummy tuck and come out with a full tummy tuck? My doctor was a no show on my 1 day check up and 2 other check up visits.

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Tummy Tuck Redness

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Might be a good idea to find out what exactly was done to the muscle above the belly button. Occasionally, permanent sutures/stitches are used to pull the separated muscles back together towards the middle; these sutures are secured by knots (one located high near the center of the ribs and the other at the upper belly button). These permanent suture knots can be "rejected" by the body and cause a red area of inflammation called a sterile pyogenic granuloma. The body tries to force it out to the surface of the skin, and it may drain thick yellow fluid. If this happens, the surgeon needs to remove the suture knot.

I hope this helps. Good luck!

Atlanta Plastic Surgeon

Your history is unusual

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This sounds very unusual and the story does not seem typical,

Red bumps around the umbilicus could be due to a variety of causes.

If you are not satisied with the surgeons' explanation, you may want to seek a second opinion. 

Otto Joseph Placik, MD
Chicago Plastic Surgeon
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See another surgeon

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It is very unlikely that a good, reputable plastic surgeon would convert you to a full tummy-tuck without your consent. It is also extremely unlikely that they would not be present in your post-operative follow-up visits. Do you have a scar around your belly button? If not, you probably did not have a full abdominoplasty. Your complaints about your abdomen could be from various factors: the muscles were tightened below the belly button but not well above the belly button, or you have fluid build-up above your belly button (seroma). These are all possibilities. I would find another qualified plastic surgeon in your area and let them examine you. At this point, you still need to wait several months for the swelling to calm down before a determination can be made about what to do next. But, I am skeptical of your surgeon not coming to your follow-up visits and recommend finding someone else's input. Good luck Bella.

Sirish Maddali, MD
Portland Plastic Surgeon

Two sides to every story

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I am going to guess that you did not have your surgery performed by a board certified plastic surgeon, or, his/her explanation differs significantly from yours. There is not a board certified plastic surgeon in his right mind that would perform a full tummy tuck when you expected a mini, or that would miss both your first and second follow up visits. I recommend a visit to a board certified plastic surgeon for a consultation. Good luck!

Not usual

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It is impossible to diagnose your complaints. It sounds like the lumps above the navel are where the fascia wasn't tightened. An exam is needed. Some redness is normal in scars as they heal, but I can't comment on your situation.

I would recommend a second opinion. You may have fluid build up, swelling, or even a problem with the strength layer. The redness may or may not be something to worry about. The doctor should keep his appointments.


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