Tummy Tuck/Pubic Lift 5 Days Post Op; Sharp Pain in Left Groin?

I know I'm still only a few days post op but everything is feeling relatively well except for this shooting pain I am getting on my left side groin. I know with the tummy tuck/pubic lift the area is pulled upwards. Could there be a ligament or tendon that is being pulled too much? It hurts when I try to walk with too long of a step. Could this still be pain that will heal over the coming days or could something have been damaged or pulled too much.

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Pain after a tummy tuck

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The pain may be due to swelling or an irritated nerve.  Try gentle massage of the area and if this doesn't help return to your plastic surgeon soon for evaluation.

There is some tension on a small nerve in your thigh

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There is a small nerve that supplies sensation to the front portion of your thigh.  When the incision is either very low or the sutures placed are near the location of this nerve, the nerve can be pulled and it can cause pain.  If you can use one finger to locate the pain in your thigh than it is likely caused by traction on this nerve.  You plastic surgeon can inject long acting pain medication in this area to make it numb.  Massage of this area will also help and the discomfort should go away with time.  If it does not, your plastic surgeon can release the suture in this area but this is rarely needed.


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