Tummy Tuck Procedure Did Not Work. Was Not Given Directions For Aftercare; It's Been 9 Months and No Results?

My friend had a tummy tuck and liposuction. She also had her upper arms done as well. There is still fat tissue under her arms.Her stomach is not flat, and she has horrible scarring on her upper arms. The scars are wide and still red. Her incisions got infected very bad. She was not given any post op instructions and was told that her stomach would go down because it was just swollen from the surgery. It has been over 9 months and you still cannot tell that she had a tummy tuck. Is this the norm?

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Normal recovery from tummy tuck?

Of course this is not normal recovery after these surgeries.  You should consider going back with your friend for a visit to her doctor to review all issues.  If you are both not satisfied with the explanations and still can't see a result after comparing her to her preop photos you could seek another opinion.

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