Should I Get a Tummy Tuck from a Plastic Surgeon in Residency?

Does anyone know about getting a Tummy Tuck by Plastic Surgeons in Residency?

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Affordable plastic cosmetic surgery from residents in training

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Typcially these are residents in their last year of residency and 6 months from finishing their training and they are under the supervision of their mentors. I would make sure that you are familar with the resident. You can save a tremendous amount of money. however, be aware that it may be impossible to arrange long term follow up when the resident graduates.

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Cosmetic Surgery By Residents

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It all depends on how much experience the resident has, and whether or not they are mentored/ have an attending physician in the operating room with them.  These are the things that you need to address and get answers to.  There is a wide variation in residents - some are fantastic and others  are just so-so. You really have no way to know.  Also, you want to know about follow-up, since that resident will probably be gone in a year.  Who will see you then if you have complications, follow-ups, etc.

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