Removing Permanently Damaged Nerves After Tummy Tuck?

I had a Tummy Tuck 19 months ago, and now have permanent nerve damage. An answer from one of the doctors to another post said that it could have been damage to 3 different nerves, and that perhaps she would need those nerves removed. Could you explain that process to me, and who I would see about having that done? A pain specialist at the Cleveland Clinic did a block to 2 nerves in my back and gave me 5 days of relief, and now wants to do a trial neuro-stimulator.

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Reduced sensation after Tummy Tuck

It is not uncommon to have reduced sensation following a tummy tuck especially below the belly button. This is a form of nerve damage which can occur. A great deal depends on how much skin was removed and if any liposuction was performed at the same time. There are also the possible issues with your pre-treatment medical health. If you have received benefit from the nerve blocks, this may be the way to go. I do not have experience with nerve stimulators in this setting but if it works, keep us informed!

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Many different options for nerve ablation

The pain specialist has many options available. Usually they proceed in a stepwise fashion but it would be best to discuss this with your particular physician. This includes nerve ablation through chemical, surgical, or minimally invasive (radiofrequency) techniques.

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