Revision TT 3 Weeks Ago. I Have Pain, Throbs, Aches?

I had a revision tummy tuck on 05/03/2012. I didn't have any muscle work done, just revision of the scar and cleaning out of a previous infection. I have a completely flat stomach now and a very minimum scar. I am having some pain still though and really thought it would be gone by now. My abdomen hurts in the middle just below my sternum like I have been hit by a car! Also, there are times when all of a sudden I a small spot here or there that throbs and just aches. How should I deal with this?

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Pain afar revision Tummy Tuck

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There are several causes for pain after tummy tuck. You should convey your concerns to your plastic surgeon. Without complete history and physical exam it would be difficult to pin point the cause of pain.

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Pain after a revision tummy tuck

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Repair of the abdominal muscles would have been my first guess but it seems that you did not have any abdominal muscle repair done during your second procedure.  It could be that your plastic surgeon removed old scar such as a pseudobursa.  Doing so could replicate some of the symptoms that your are describing.  Have your plastic surgeon take a look.  In the meantime I would massage this area as it will help if scar is one of the factors.


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Pain after Revision Tummy Tuck?

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Some of the symptoms you are experiencing may be related to the initial tummy tuck operation,  depending on how long ago this was performed. It would be in your best interest nevertheless to follow-up with your plastic surgeon who is in the best position to make a diagnosis based on physical examination and/or imaging.  He/she may also recommend the use of medication such as anti-inflammatories as indicated.

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