Is a TUMMY TUCK an option after AVR?

Hi im 29 years of age and have 4 children. My mid section is not great but the pregnancys have left me with stretch marks!!! and i have a bulge of baby fat that i cant seem to get rid of I had an AVR twice 2 years ago to repair an aortic valve and also in 2007 I am taking warfarin maverin now, but was wondering a a tummy tuck would be a possibility? It would be life changing for me. I do have a bit of loose skin but its mainly the stretch marks,and lose skin bulge Thanks in advance for your time

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Tummy tuck after heart valve replacement

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This is a question for your cardiologist. This is an elective surgery which requires several hours of general anesthesia, AND continuing anticoagulation. The risks under these circumstances are considerable. This is an invasive surgery which results in large areas that have a potential to bleed intra and post operatively. This creates a problem with the anticoagulation that you must be on. I would not be surprised if you didnt get approved for this by your medical team. Diet and exercise might be a better and safer approach in your case.

Dr. Hargrave

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