Tummy Tuck Gone Necrotic?

2 1/2 weeks ago I had tummy tuck. I formed necrotic tissue by my lower abdomen. My PS said it was caused by lack of circulation. He did not debre the area he said he didn't feel the need to. It is now 5 days since I've seen him and the odor has worsened. Its continuously discharging fluid but that has now thickened. Do you think its infected? I also have some necrosis on my right side that has a similar discharge but not as foul in odor. This really has me down and am starting nursing in 9 days

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As others have already said, you need to be seen by your surgeon for evaluation.  Necrosis after tummy tuck is very rare, but can happen and is more common in patients that smoke or have circulatory medical issues.  However, these patients usually are not operated on.  Also, necrosis, if it happens, is most likely in the center, below your belly button.  You describe necrosis also on your "right," which is concerning.  If you have an open wound, then you likely need excision of the area, debridement or dressing changes.  However, only your surgeon can determine this.  If you post pictures, we may be able to give you more specific advice, but you should see your surgeon for a full evaluation.


Good Luck.

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Necrosis after tummy tuck

Depending on the severity you may require debridement of the necrosis.  Appropriate antibiotics are important to prevent spread of the infection to adjacent non necrotic tissues.  It is important that your surgeon follow you closely to intervene surgically.  Donald R. Nunn MD  Atlanta Plastic Surgeon.

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Skin necrosis after tummy tuck

I am sorry to hear about your problem. Necrosis needs to be followed rigorously and treated, with modalities which may include debridement and antibiotics. The draining fluid should be cultured. If the odor and drainage has worsened, then you need followup treatment and this requires discussion with your plastic surgeon.

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#TummyTuck Gone Necrotic? ANS:

Unfortunately this can happen and it will need to be cleaned up by trimming away the necrotic tissue and sometimes surgeons wait a bit to let it kind of start to separate on it's own..But it is a slow process and very overwhelming at first but once the dead tissue is gone you will start doing dressing changes to it and feel much more normal. And in months down the road it can be revised and be made to look better!

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Call your doctor

This is something that has to be dealt with by your surgeon. Call him up and tell him about the problem.

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Tummy tuck complication

Any change in status as you describe need to be addressed by your surgeon. Another follow up visit is in order for an up to date reevaluation and a treatment plan, which may include debridement, bacterial cultures, and possible antibiotics. 

Call, report the changes, arrange an appointment this week.

Thanks for your question, best wishes. 

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